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Fabrice LEMOULT, Institut Langevin

20 septembre 2016, par Administrateur

Assistant Professor ESPCI Paris

Fabrice LEMOULT graduated from “French Grande Ecole” ESPCI ParisTech in 2007, then obtained a Master at University Paris 7 in 2008, and did his PhD at Insitut Langevin, Université Paris 7, supervised by Mathias Fink (2008-2011). From this PhD work, 2 patents have been issued as well as 8 publications published including 3 in PRL and one in Nature Physics. After his PhD, he did a postdoctoral research at Pr. John Page, University of Manitoba at Winnipeg (Canada). He simultaneously worked on disordered media in order to study phenomena such as the Anderson localization of elastic waves in granular media, as well as on periodic structures in order to study the Dirac cone in phononic bandgap crystals. He then joined the group of Bernard Bonello (CNRS) at the Institut des NanoSciences de Paris as a postdoctorate fellow, and experimentally studied through a pump-probe experiment Lamb waves phononic crystals and metamaterials. He joined the Institut Langevin in Spetember 2013 as Assistant Professor at ESPCI. His teachings are mostly dedicated to the laboratory works of the second year’s students at the ESPCI in the field of acoustic waves ranging from ultrasound imaging, to Time Reversal experiments through non-linear phenomena such as sonoluminescence. He is the author of 20 publications and he also co-authored 6 patent applications. He was invited 8 times to give invited talks, and has given more than 20 talks in international meetings. His area of expertise include transient propagation of fields in complex, reverberating and locally resonant media, subwavelength imaging and focusing, electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials, photonic and phononic crystals.