28 septembre 2016 ( maj : 29 septembre 2016 ), par Administrateur

Centre Régional de la Propriété ForestièreNearly one million hectares of maritime pines make up the largest cultivated forest in Europe straddles the departments of Landes, Gironde, Lot and Garonne but also Charentes and Dordogne.
This species has conquered the vast uncultivated territories for the production of resin and coastal protection, and now becomes an essence sought by the paper industry, wood construction and today also green chemistry. On poor soils and in front of natural risks (storms, fires, health attacks), he enjoyed the attention of a sector organized around dynamic research centers. Productivity has been multiplied by 3 within 20 years and the product quality has been improved, in terms of straightness and vigor for example.
The House of the Forest of Aquitaine then offers to thousands of private owners foresters all the tools needed to manage the rich forest : technical, legal, tax, financial advices, struggle tools management, massif surveillance.
The Regional Centre of the Forest Property (CNPF) is the technical partner of the META-FORET project, with its team of technicians and field engineers.