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Imperial College London

29 septembre 2016, par Administrateur

Imperial College London is a public university specialized in science, engineering, medicine and business. Its research activities are internationally renowned and it is ranked among the world’s top universities. The departments of Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering (where this project will be hosted) offer the following specific facilities useful for the project :

  • Computing center with qualified helpdesk available for users (WP3).
  • Access to commercial finite element software for computational elasto-dynamics.
  • Vibrant series of seminars and talks held by international guests.
  • Laboratories with very precise and expensive equipment for sonic and ultrasonic experiment, e.g. laser vibrometers, broad band accelerometers, I/O structure.
  • Mechanical workshop for the realization of mechanical components.
  • Modern information and communication technologies service, office space and materials.
  • Research support office : specialized in the phase of preparing research proposal, assisting during the course of the fellowship and IPR issues.


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