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WP1 | Seismic experiments

Data acquisitions using a dense array of 1000 geophones covering two metamaterial configurations made of a dense collection of vertical resonators/inclusions (forest of trees or buried concrete columns).

Leader: ISTerre, Grenoble

1/ The forest experiment | Year 1 of the project

The first aspect of WP1 is the deployment of a very dense array of three-component geophones at the interface between an open field and a forest. To find out the optimal forest configuration, a collaboration was started with R. DE LARY, Head of the “Centre National de la Propriété Forestière d’Aquitaine” (CNPF) which manages the 1 million hectare of pine tree forests in the Landes department. (...)

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2/ Seismic cloaking through buried vertical concrete inclusions | Year 3 of the project

By buried vertical concrete inclusions, we refer to the rigid inclusions, also called CMC, constructed by Menard as a ground improvement solution (Plomteux et al, 2003; Masse et al, 2009; Plomteux and Ciortan, 2010). Developed by Menard initially in France to support structures such as warehouses, industrial buildings, medium weight housings, roads, railways, embankments, and storage tanks, (...)

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