The META-FORET project
New developments towards seismic metamaterials

What is the META-FORET project ?

The META-FORET project is a large-scale wave manipulation with a multidisciplinary approach devised by a team composed of physicists, geophysicists and engineers.
The goal of the META-FORET project is to demonstrate that metamaterial physics that are classically observed at small scale in optics or acoustics as a way to cancel or bend waves can exist at the very large scale in geophysics.


In practice, the goal of the META-FORET project is to achieve two ambitious and novel experiments where 1000 seismic sensors that is to be set up on the two seismic metamaterials.


We wish to demonstrate :
- The first configuration deals with the interaction between a surface wave and a natural forest. Each tree within the forest can react as a resonator that traps a small part of the seismic waves propagating at the Earth surface. The collective behavior of the trees when arranged in a dense forest is then analogous to the physics observed at a very small scale in optical metamaterials.
- In the second configuration, we aim to show that a particular spatial distribution of long and thin vertical inclusions in the ground (concrete columns) surrounding a structure can create a special seismic lens that diverts surface waves away from the inner region leaving the protected object almost untouched.


The experiments at the geophysics scale with a collection of long vertical tree-like resonators outside the ground or concrete-like inclusions inside the ground, with both systems behaving as a seismic metamaterial, are completely fundamental for future understanding of wave cancellation or wave bending for seismic surface waves.


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